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Andrew - Andrew (Andrew Luck) is a regrettable season. , suffering from serious injuries and troubled offense, was expected to enter the super bowl before the start of the 2015 season. He finally completed only 7 starts, winning 2 games, scored 15 touchdowns 12 passes by steals. The team announced on Wednesday that he would not be able to fight against the Tennessee Titan's regular season. "the players want to play," LAK told the local media. "You feel that you have disappointing your teammates and other people." The kidney tearing that has encountered makes the horse very worried. He was also unusually bad before the start of the season because of some of his shoulder injuries. In view of the lac for their own feeling, may be a blessing in disguise this year. This pony record will inevitably lead to changes in the team, especially in this offseason to sign a championship competition offensive weapons. But after doing so much, LAK was the central figure. his injuries obviously won't prevent pony from seeing him as one of the five best quarterback in the league. If the pony chooses to give up the manager of Chuck Pagano, he will attract a long list of the names of the chief candidates. today's news is a compe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lling offseason foreshadowing. Lark was expected to get a contract to make himself the highest paid quarterback in the league. The final contract is still unfinished and the LAK has only one year left. The team may be discussing the contract renewal contract with the hope that this season is only occasional rather than a predicament.NFL alliance is currently looking for new ways to increase its revenue. So far, NFL has gained more than a billion dollars from CBS, ESPN, FOX and NBC. now wants to get more revenue from the Internet. In January this year, the League signed the broadcasting rights of Thursday night matches to CBS, NBC and NFL's network transmission. It is reported that it got 450 million dollars from it. The alliance is hoping to pack all the Thursday night games to a company for network rebroadcast. Facebook is currently the most interested company in broadcasting NFL. Facebook had hoped to get the right to broadcast without paying the NFL fee, but it failed to cooperate. It is reported that the current cost of broadcasting is not very expensive. In addition to Facebook, Amazon and Verizon hopes to get two Sunday afternoon games, Saturday night race and Monday night race even including the playoffs and Super Bowl broadcast rights. YAHOO rebroadcast NFL's London game last year, but it is not interested in other games, and Apple Corp is not interested. 's current packed Thursday night competition includes 18 games, and the alliance will meet with team owners in March 20th to confirm whether to give the network the right to broadcast.tiger news August 19th the Seahawks will need to find a new Jiefeng left. coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) confirmed Friday against the Vikings game was pulled out of the car while George (George Fant) - ACL tear, need surgery. George - where the injured really sad." "It's too bad," Carol said. "He made so many contributions and achievements... Everyone will support him and help him recover. But his knee injury needs to be operated on, and this season will be more troublesome. " Although did not say whether the season where the Seahawks, but generally will be the result of ACL tear. is where the former college basketball player, last year with the Seahawks signed as undrafted, he became almost zero based starting left Jiefeng haiying. The Seahawks believe he has become the backbone of the potential attack.Original title: history: a paper read Jersey advertising sports and business confusion dispute in the global scope, most football historians agree that Uruguay was the Rolle football club in the last century in 50s, for the first time the concept of shirt sponsorship into the physical world. Now, in all the music... Original title: advertising history: a paper read jersey sports and business Fangcun dispute , most of the football historians in the world agree with the view that Uruguay's pea Rolle Football Club introduced the concept of the sponsorship of the Jersey to the sports world for the first time in the 50s of last century. now, in the face of various clubs and sponsors, but still in the complex cooperation, to find a mutually beneficial and win-win way. special author / Luo Zhen The birth of editor / Chen Siyi shirt looks back on two different arguments about Drake · Derek Dougan's behavior in 1976. a view that he alone may lead the sport from darkness to light, because he left the club by embracing the market to earn a lot of extra income becomes possible; and some people think that he is Satan's assistant, is also in the process of globalization has become more simplification and lack of characteristics make him the sport of football. anyway, dug meant a lot of football. as a player, Dugan talented in Wolverhampton wolves in history. In addition, he is a regular visitor to the national football team of Northern Ireland by virtue of his excellent ball skill. finally ended his career in the 1975-76 season, duer in the non league team, ketning Town Football Club. In fact, he had three positions: player, coach and CEO. In addition, dug was also the chairman of the England Professional Football Association, but he was not afraid that he would have a conflict with the association. with innovative spirit, attractive and not afraid to take chances once Dugan also recorded his personal mini album (EP), the album included his own cover Kaleidoscope song "A Dream for" Julie, Dugan lyrics slightly modified expression tribute to his teammates. In addition, dug was one of the first people to publicly support English psychedelic music, and he was one of the earliest footballers to shave their heads. As of 1970s a TV expert. Dugan is often one of the greatest football coaches in England's Blaine · (Brian Clough.); clough altercation. at that time, as the chief executive of the football club in kitten, dug reached a co m with the local tyre manufacturer Kettering tires.

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