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this week, the Minnesota Vikings defeated the New York jet. The victory also made Teddy Bridgewater become the most successful quarterback in the rookie of the year. The winning number is Teddy. Facing the jet's strong defensive front and frequent raids, Bridgewater finished 84 yards in overtime and took fifth wins. In the interview after , Viking coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) appreciated the love. He said Bridge Voight is the one who can lead the team in the future: "I think he is ready to become the leader of the team. He's playing the ball in his own way, and his character is like that, doing all the things that must be done. Our future core quarterback is Teddy, I can be sure. " The of the game, Bridge Voight's passing success rate of more than 7, 2 touchdowns, was intercepted 1 times and scored 309 yards. Over the past two weeks, he completed 34 of 48 passes and scored a total of 447 yards with 4 touchdown passes, only 1 steals. The quarterback pass score was 119. In the next two weeks, the Vikings will continue to visit Detroit and Miami, and Bridge Voight needs to continue to prove himself.After the end of the game, Earl Thomas sat in front of his locker and wrote down his face in frustration and frustration. Then he stood up, backed his k cheap nfl jerseys free shipping napsack, left the dressing room and went to the parking lot. He didn't say a word to anyone. He started his own car and started home. it happened in the first week. it happened after we won. that's one of the reasons why Earl is better than others. Everyone around him knew that he insisted on setting an incredible high standard for himself. On that day, he did not think his performance was up to the standard. We won, it's great. But Earl understands - everyone else in the dressing room knows - just because you won't mean you've done everything well. vice versa, just because you lose doesn't mean you've done everything wrong. The Sunday followed by the road to face the Losangeles victims ram, we lost. Am I annoyed at the loss? Yes. Victory will never lose forever unpleasant taste. But we have to look at the two issues equally. after a big victory, we will always be asked by the reporters: "how do you avoid a decline in the game after the game?" after a disastrous defeat, we may be asked, "what will you do next week?" my answer to both of them is that whether you win or lose, you should treat it with your usual heart. suppose we lose to dolphin in the first week, and Earl will react similarly after the game, because he is not satisfied with the result of both of them after evaluating his performance and contribution to the team. He was focused on what he could control. is one of our motto. This sentence also explains why Earl left the locker room without saying anything on Sunday, and came to training second days early in the morning, and did a good job in that week's training. Because he knows, on the second day on Monday, you can't control what happened on Sunday. Entangling every minute of your past life is a waste of time for the next week and the next opponent. At the same time, it was the easiest way to lose the back to back. 's reaction is easy to guess, but for our absolutely passionate fans, this may not be a very popular performance. Our twelfth people, like everyone in our field, are part of the team. When they go to work on Monday morning after losing the ball, they will talk about this match. Then, they want us to feel the same. They want us to be as annoyed as they are. let me tell you, Twelfth people: This is our job. So when I tell you that we care like you do, please believe me. We also thank you for your continued love and support -- but no one is more than me.Giselle (Gisele Bundchen) - ndchen claimed her husband Tom Brady (Tom Brady) in the last season, suffered a concussion nearly six weeks later, Brady finally responded to this speech. ESPN in an interview, Brady asked such a question: "(Giselle) see you being hit, she has issued his own voice, you will talk about how much you have impact?" Brady said: "every day she and I together. Every day we sleep in a bed, so when I feel pain when I want her to know that she knows when I'm tired, when I hit her know. We drove home together after the match. But she also knew how well I had taken care of myself. She is a very considerate wife, and she loves me very much. " this response actually did not deny that suffered a concussion ndchen Brady speech last season. Brady did not asked directly whether last season suffered concussion. Before , in ndchen sound, Brady's agent said the new England Patriots quarterback last season did not suffer a concussion in a statement. NFL said in a statement also have no record of head injuries or show Brady suffered concussion symptoms. in the Brady off-season training have not received a media interview, this is the first time he made the remarks responding to his wife. wait until the start of the season after Brady must face the media, then he will certainly be more asked whether they suffered concussion problems last season.Cleveland Brown professional bowl center Arrakis Mark (Alex Mack) was asked in the local time Wednesday interview whether he would leave the team after the end of the 2015 season. Mark did not give a clear answer to this question. Mark and Brown are currently in a 5 - year contract, worth 42 million, and will have the right to jump out of the contract after the end of next season. Mark said, "I can't give the answer right now. I'll make a decision at the end of the season." At that time, I'll think about it. " Although Mark and Brown had 3 years left in their contract, Brown used to label them too much last season. Mark agreed with Jackson Jaguar during the last season. Brown finally chose to match the Jaguar's contract, which allowed the player's option in the Mark contract to be retained. in the first month of the draft, Brown in the nineteenth overall pick of the offensive players Cameron - Erwin striker (Cameron Erving), he can play multiple positions. Brown, this is regarded as to prevent Mark's departure in advance to make preparations. Mark said: "I need to look at the performance of our new season. Last season we were at the bottom of the division. I wanted to win more games. It was important for me." No one likes to lose, no doubt. "

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