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Seattle Seahawks starting center Marx Unger (Max Unger) local time on Wednesday finally return to the training field. He has taken part in some basic training and is doing well, and the team will continue to look at him. At the same time, Byron - Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) and outside Malcolm - Smith (Malcolm Smith) are still absent from training. Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) looking forward to fitness to play as soon as possible unger. He said the team center has been recovering from a foot injury, this week is very likely can be played in the Oakland raiders. He also mentioned that Marx will still be able to compete, but Smith's situation is not optimistic. Wei Jie, Luo Haiying Johnson substitute security (Jeron Johnson) with concussion effect is still unable to participate in the training. The d cheap nfl jerseys free shipping efensive intercepts Jordan Hill (Jordan Hill), who was the same substitute, was temporarily unable to return to the ankle injury. Compared to the injury of the defense group, the attack group and the special invitation group sent several good news. Left guard James - Carpenter (James Carpenter) in a small amount of training, his back injury is gradually restored. Blaine Walters (Bryan Walters) returned from a concussion and participated in all the day's training.At | football no renewal NFL official website Fitzpatrick and | jet draft before New York jet and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick have been negotiating for several months, but they haven't made any progress yet. From the current situation, it will be difficult for the two sides to reach an agreement before the start of the draft convention. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) in the reported local time on Monday, nearly $4 million price difference between the price and the Fitzpatrick jets, such a large gap in the short term is obviously not smooth, so the jet will likely take a quarterback for the first round in the show conference. 33 year old Fitzpatrick last season played his best season in the occupation career jet, out of 3905 yards and 31 touchdowns record, including passing yards only Joe - Na Maas (Joe Namath) ranked second in team history, the number of touchdowns is highest in team history. Last year, Fitzpatrick can play so well on the right time, attacking configuration and familiar attack system make him look like a duck, offensive Coordinator (Chan Gailey) - money cover design and technical features complement each other Fitzpatrick tactics, so the two sides together again, is the best choice, so the two sides has been in a stalemate in order to stage their noses."In view of Puma will provide our official uniforms and training services through this agreement, we will provide a lot of high quality official merchandise for the fans, it also let us both inside and outside the stadium. I'm especially happy that our products can meet many women's needs: · · · · · · for this, I have received quite a lot of emails. "In the base of | China Softball Association National referee training held in Xishuangbanna Luca for speeding up our softball referee, grasp the new rules and the correct implementation of the revised International 1965, at the same time to return to the Olympic softball referee reserve talents, combined with the 2015 National Youth Softball Championship and a Youth Softball qualification, Chinese Softball Association has organized a training course on national softball referee in April 10th -16. The training course was taught by Li Zhe, deputy director of the Chinese Softball Association, and 41 students from 10 different provinces and cities participated in the training. Through 6 days of theoretical study and on-the-spot practice, the executive level of each student has been improved to varying degrees, and some excellent young referees with good comprehensive quality and potential potential and development space have emerged. this training course will also organize the national softball referee examination. (manuscript provided / China Softball Association)

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