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The official website of NFL | Romo was improved, this week is expected to play football | Good news from the the Dallas cowboys, the team quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) has travelled to London this week, he is likely to return. Romo took part in the team training on Friday local time, and then the cowboy made him possible, which means he is almost sure to be in this week. After a week of recuperation from a back injury, took part in the entire training program. In training he excellent condition, coach Jason Garrett (Jason Garrett) said: he looks great. I could feel the flow of blood in his body, he longed to come to the court and longed for return. He did well in the training, moved freely in his pocket, and had no problem passing the ball. It was a wonderful day for him. this week the cowboy's opponent is the Jacksonville Jaguar, and the two sides will take part in the third London game of the season at the Wembley Stadium. Last w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eek, in the absence of the case by the Cowboys lost to the Arizona Cardinals suffered two defeats. This week the team is looking to get back and reopen the winning mode.Denver Broncos once again fell on the title of the journey, the team coach John - Fawkes (John Fox) with class. The Tuesday horse general manager John elvy (John Elway) in an interview with reporters talked about it. Elvy said: "the main reason for Fawkes class or between us the idea is different, between us to make the team further have different views. The past four years we took four consecutive American League West title, this is no small achievement, but how can we win? That's the biggest difference between me and him. " four years ago to return to the Mustang elvy as general manager, the first thing he did was to sign under coach Fawkes. Herve repeated in an interview that Fawkes was the best fit for the team at the time. But he also said that the most disappointing thing was not losing, but that they had lost in the playoffs in the last few years. "I don't think it's important to lose, but at least we have to feel the passion and happiness in the game, but we are hopeless in the two years." did not disclose Payton - Manning elvy (Peyton Manning) will retire, he said he and Manning had a good exchange on Monday, but now is too early to make a decision. As for the manager, said the team offensive coordinator Adam elvy - Gus (Adam Gase) and defensive coordinator Jack - Del Leo (Jack Del Rio) has the opportunity, of course he will consider all potential candidates, so as to make the best decision.The official website of NFL, pony linebacker de Jackson, Kwame was suspended for 4 games, football nest a basin of cold water poured on their heads when the Indianapolis pony took the momentum of the remainder of the season. The Alliance announced on Tuesday that the pony line guard Jackson (D'Qwell Jackson) will face 4 matches. Jackson broke the alliance doping until January 2nd, he was able to return. Jackson, who has been able to stabilize at , has not missed the game since he played for Cleveland Brown in 2009. It was a big blow to the pony defense team that had been unable to achieve stable performance throughout the season. Jackson made 2 escapement in the last game of a pony's 41-10 victory over New York jets. This season he has made 3 passes, 2 shots, 1 escapement and 52 escapement. is also a big blow to Chuck Pagano, the horse manager that won't win the victory throughout the season. Jackson's position will be filled by his teammates. There are newcomers Antonio and Morrison (Antonio Morrison) and Duhem Jin (Deon King) and the two grade player Edwin Edwin (Edwin Jackson). ? The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.the new England patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks this season to win the Super Bowl champion. At this great moment, the media have to reconfirm their manuscripts. The British Daily Mail reported the super bowl with a great length and introduced and analyzed the title of the patriot. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) and his wife is the key of the daily mail. however, the daily mail of special news in the flaw in the plan, they made a mistake when you push the Patriots team. They mistook the Patriots as another team under the Kraft (Kraft) family, the new England revolutionary team of the major league of American football. Twitter shows: "Gong Xixin England revolution won this super bowl." soon, the daily mail corrected the mistake. While immersed in the joy of winning the Patriots fans is this laugh. Congratulations to the Patriots, they are the champion of this super bowl. Can such a Wulong report be a dessert after winning the title?

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