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NetEase sports September 20th report: In the new season, the NFL goats moved back to Losangeles, and the Losangeles media, the Lakers country, thought it would have an impact on the Lakers' market. Yi Jianlian has a media interview with in the past 20 years, the Lakers have few competitors in the sports market in southern California. From 2000 to 2010, the Lakers scored the finals of the NBA 7 times, and won numerous fans. But now, their "money path" may be hit. rams in the home court from 1946 to 1980 in Losangeles, then moved to Anaheim, where for 14 seasons, so the Lakers have not NFL opponent. But at the beginning of this year, NFL had passed the application of the goats back to Losangeles. The ram team still has a fan camp in Losangeles, and South California still has a lot of their dead loyalty, and they have a generation of history to recall. In public, the bass family support the rams back to Losangeles, but privately, they really want to know what the NFL team's return to Losangeles means t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o the Lakers. Jerry buzz is not there, and the Lakers are at the bottom of the team's history. Their performances last season were tortured. They only won 17 games, creating a new history of the team. But because of Kobe, the Lakers still have a very high popularity, but now, Kobe is retiring, what is the Lakers? If they do not begin to make rapid progress, their popularity will probably start to fall soon. of course, hope the Lakers, based on rams in week debut performance this season, they will not seem too successful, and very likely they will be worse than the lakers. If that's the case, the Lakers can breathe a sigh of relief. Yi Jianlian changed to No. 11 Lakers shirt. Yi Jianlian shows No. 11 shirt Yi Jianlian shows No. 11 shirt Yi Jianlian smiles Yi Jianlian practice shooting Yi Jianlian training Yi Jianlian practice shooting Yi Jianlian training Yi Jianlian has a media interview with Yi Jianlian has a media interview with Yi Jianlian has a media interview with many field media many field media Yi Jianlian shooting Yi Jianlian practice three minutes Yi Jianlian at the training hall 〉49 of San Francisco's general manager of Trent Barker (Trent Baalke) is directly responsible for poor performance in the 49 game, but last weekend he seems to be his team fans have some dissatisfaction. Barker received a radio interview and said, "I'm not sure, I'm sure I'm going to stick to it. I think we're dry at the moment. I feel bad about the fans, and feel bad for many of them. They are giving us whatever we want. I show them their love for the team through the public platform. If we haven't done this, please blame me. at present 49 people have suffered 10 consecutive defeats, which is the longest defeat in the history of the team, and obviously there are no talented players in every position of the 49. but don't forget, the fans are still loyal, those who experienced 49 80,90's brilliant and Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) during the period of the fans still in support of the team, that's why they put up a "fire Trent" slogan on the pitch, because they care about the love of this team. ? NFL official website | watt published daily 5000 calorie recipes than ordinary 2 times | football Houston Dezhou's Star Defender JJ watt (J.J.Watt) is a monster. is not only because he can break through the attack line and capture the quarterback, but also can finish the catch in the attack team. If you know his daily recipe, you will doubt whether he is human or not. recently, the 6 foot 5 inch weight 288 pounds. The 3 best defensive player told GQ magazine's terrible recipes and said that diet is his second interest. He consumed 5000 Calori food almost every day. breakfast: blueberry, strawberry with oatmeal; 6 eggs; bananas, apples. Second breakfast: 4 egg, 2 pieces of butter bread, banana and Honey Jelly with whole wheat bread. Lunch: 3 chicken breasts with spaghetti and broccoli. Second lunches: more chicken breast and sweeter and carrots. Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti; roast asparagus. Second dinner: flex with spaghetti; broccoli. maybe this is for Watt's different people.The official website of NFL | Atlanta hopes to reduce the workload of the Falcon Freeman | Rugby as a player in grade 2, Atlanta falcons run Devonta, Devonta Freeman, ranked fourth in the last 264 seasons. Now the team wants to reduce his holding. According to the team running backs coach Bobbi Turner (Bobby Turner) said that the ball is reduced because the growth relationship between Freeman, the first year is great, but we hope that the new season is better, we can still ensure that reducing the ball well, because there are people sharing the ball and he can ensure his a better state. 24 year old Freeman last season finished with 1056 yards and 11 touchdowns, was selected as the team of the original occupation bowl, starting running back tweng - Coleman (Tevin Coleman) injury gave him an earlier chance, but next season two running back the competition will be more intense.

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