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The official website of NFL | relax training | football Saturday canceled Aigo the new England patriots Friday ended their forty-ninth Super Bowl for the preparations, Biliqieke coach Bill (Bill Belichick) that the team has completed the task in 3 training training at the Arizona cardinals. Biliqieke later decided to cancel the training on Saturday. We will be in touch with the head of the team, take a picture, Biliqieke on Friday but easily dull after training when it comes to Saturday. patriots are making rain training on Friday before deciding to cancel Saturday's training. This is, Biliqieke said. From the point of view of the training, we have finished our work. We are ready to play. this is not the first time that the Patriots were not trained in the super bowl the day before. So did the last time they took part in the Super Bowl 4 years ago in Indianapolis. we touch the head in the morning and take a picture together, and then that's what, Billy Cheik said., the future Hall of fame Tony Tony Gonzalez and CBS have split up with cheap nfl jerseys free shipping CBS. They have expressed their desire to find a radio job in Losangeles. Now he wishes to come true. , according to media reports, Fawkes sports hired Gonzales. Gonzales will appear in the FOX NFL Kickoff program, which is live on 11:00-12:00 east time. Gonzales spent three seasons at CBS. Phil succeeded his - Sims (Phil Simms) recently by Toni (Tony Romo) - he took place. theory, Gonzales has a chance to get a space for one person in the official game show, see any members such as Terry - Brad Shaw (Terry Bradshaw) and Jimmy Johnson (Jimmy Johnson) will leave.The official website of NFL will | patriots defensive end Jones traded to the Cardinals football | 's two team, which is expected to enter the super bowl, has completed an interesting deal. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) on Tuesday, according to informed sources reported that the Arizona Cardinals sent guard Jonathan - Cooper (Jonathan Cooper) and the draft second round pick to exchange the new England patriots defensive end Chandler - Jones (Chandler Jones). Then confirm the transaction and the transaction said the linnet success depends on whether the player is through examination. The deal has met the needs of both parties. The Cardinals got urgent need to pass the impact, Jones in the last season, made 12.5 sacks and 4 forced off the ball. He made 52 starts in the 36 sacks will let the Cardinals get miss years of destruction quarterback protection network adversary capability. Jones was hospitalized in the first month of this year for the adverse reaction to medical marijuana, but the 2012 first show has proved his value. After and Cooper, the Patriots got a young front for the first 24 games of the last 2 seasons. Cooper, who ranked fiftieth in the professional rugby focus score in last season, was the seventh rookie of the 2013 draft, but he has not yet reached his expectations. He first started on both the left and right side last season, but lost the starting position in the middle of the season. if Cooper did not have the chance to find a position in the patriot's bad inside attack front, the patriots would not do the deal. But more importantly, the Patriots were given a two round of draft, making up for their lack of first round talent.The official website of NFL | pirates and running back Martin began negotiations | football the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by Doug - Martin (Doug Martin) and Charles Sims (Charles Sims) running back combination without attention to one of the league's best running backs combined in this season. Martin now has 1354 yards of second in the league with 273 shots. Outstanding performance in the next game against the Carolina Panthers in the game may help him over Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) ranked first, this will be the first red ball number ranked first in the League of the pirates players. Sims is an undervalued double threat, with a total of 1001 yards (514 yards, 487 yards) for the ball. , 26, will be a free agent at the end of the season, but the two sides have begun negotiations to ensure that Martin can stay in the team. We have a little talk, general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said. We are sure to engage in more negotiations. We want to keep Doug. in the last offseason, the pirates seem likely to give up the poor performance of Martin, but he showed a great rebound in the season. Martin is a pillar of pirate attack group in the season for a long period of time, reducing the four rookie Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) at the pressure on the shoulder. , and Martin, also said he wanted to stay with the pirates, but at the moment he didn't care about the contract negotiations. I like it here, and I have a beautiful home here, Martin said. I'd like to return. But now I'm focusing on our last game. I noticed that they were negotiating, but I'll let them deal with it now. The occupation bowl running back might be a Demake - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 5 year $40 million contract last year and the Philadelphia signed a similar price. Whether the pirates want to spend so much money on the position of running guard remains to be observed. But keeping Martin in the pirates will be the top priority for the free players market to open.

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