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The official website of NFL | wide receiver Roddy White Falcon this week is expected to return | football Atlanta falcons wide receiver Roddy White (Roddy White) last week because of a sprained left ankle was absent and the Arizona Cardinals game on Friday, White took part in team training and the appearance of this weekend's expressed confidence. man, I feel like I'm all very good, things are very relaxed, whether or not the ball moves or no problem. But I also need to practice a little more with the quarterback Matt Ryan (Matt Ryan) to strengthen the tacit understanding. White said in an interview, "I don't doubt my ability. I'm going to play in order to win the team. The only thing I want to worry about is cold Green Bay, snow and something annoying. is worth mentioning that the team said they were optimistic about White's recovery after the interview last week, but it turned out that White wasn't even activated.Author: ARodgers, NFL Chinese official web columnist this season fifteenth weeks of the end of the regular season, the League of nations in 11 wins the Cardinals playoff spot, packers, lions, Seahawks, cowboys have achieved 10 wins, 9 wins, even the Hawks are likely to miss the playoffs this year for the fierce wild card visible. But now look at the playoffs against the table, the League of nations South team but with less than 50% winrate occupy a No. four seed position. Review the history, the last twelve years, the four giants won the 3 Southern Division champions, and the season before the League of nati cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ons to be optimistic about the outside world team this season but in southern collective "diving", what is the specific reason? What kind of secret sorrow? The following is my analysis: Atlanta falcons: role player collective pits Falcon play this season form can be divided into two types: first, thirteenth weeks against the Cardinals game, the first section of tyranny rely on the long ball opponent 17 points, then hold the game; two, fourteenth weeks against the packers, the first half minutes to teach a man to be the opponent, then the second half counterattack too late. As the protagonist of Hard Knock, the falcons' season's slogan is "Rise up". Although the season's performance is definitely smaller than that of last season, it's even worse than last season. Why? In the last two weeks, it was a very different game, and what was it? The key problem of or in defense group, after the end of last season, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan promised to change the defense quality this season, his strategy is to imitate the Seahawks 4-3 and 3-4 mixed defense, hope from strengthen road defense. The coach arrangement is one thing, the player's tactical execution is another Falcon defense and no pavement to solve the actual problems, but also Its loopholes appeared one after another. ball defense. The front is full of anti running Falcon defense type thick big, basically no impulse transmission technology, coupled with Oce, Cory beelman - especially Mooney, ora Jonathan Massa and Marley koua West - Goodman is the League at several transfer efficiency outside the lowest pass defender, Falcon hardly rushed to threaten each other. Inside the guard Paul - Wollo is one of the lowest efficiency alliance holds inside linebacker, miss sackin as homely food, marking is also a problem consciousness. After the defensive line, Desmond trufan special has proven himself, he will be better than his brother Marcus and Isiah close to cornerback, but a team with a top cornerback is absolutely not enough, other positions like Dwight - Laurie, Robert - Robert - well, Mai Klein Alfred well have suffered career lows, the ability of veteran William Moore was injured early reimbursement, so the Falcon rushed pass perennial adverse, defensive line is very easy to be attacked, after the line collective slump they can easily understand. In terms of the number of codes, the falcons are the most lost teams in the league, and this data can explain the problem. look at the attack group again. Matt - Ryan and Julio - Jones have proved themselves,lightning recently completed the collocation with the new coach, Anthony - Lynn. The biggest card in the list is probably the former falcons defense coordinator Richard Smith (Richard Smith). He was dismissed by falcons after the super bowl. He will be a line guard in Losangeles. "I am very satisfied with the coaching team in place on time, and we are all eager to get into the job immediately." Lynn said, "the coaching talent is very good, I am very satisfied with both mature and seasoned are young and strong, creative." 2016 list, offensive coordinator Ken Watson Hunter (Ken Whisenhunt), tight end coach John Maikenudi (John McNulty), wide receiver coach Nick Lee (Nick Sirianni), quarterback, coach Sean Steichen (Shane Steichen) and offensive assistant Mark - Ruijili (Mark Ridgely) is reserved. The offensive line coach Pat Meijer (Pat Meyer), running backs coach Alfredo - Roberts (Alfredo Roberts), the line - Craig assistant James (James Cregg) and the offensive quality control coach Dan Shi Sharma (Dan Shamash) to inject fresh blood into the coach group. lightning also hired the son of Lynn De Andong (D Anton)) as a defensive assistant, he will assist the defensive coordinator Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) work. The team left defensive defender, coach Ron Mulhouse (Ron Milus) and defensive frontline coach jive Smith (Giff Smith), supplemented the defensive frontline assistant Eric Henderson (Eric Henderson) and the defensive guard assistant Chris Chris (Chris Harris). Special teams coordinator George - Stuart (George Stewart) and assistant Williams (Marquice Williams) - Kido will complete the last piece of the puzzle.throughout the offseason Houston of Dezhou who has always insisted Tom - Savage (Tom Savage) is the starting quarterback for the 2017 season. A few months later, Savage's control over the attack group lasted only half the time. was defeated in the Jacksonville Jaguar competition, Savage was replaced by the first round show four points Wei De Sean Watson (Deshaun Watson) in the second half. Now the Dezhou people seem to make Watson play the leading role. coach Bill - Obrien refused to say who will play the first time in the Thursday night match against Cincinnati tiger, but NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Dezhou people are more inclined to Watson now. "Watson is impressed by the Dezhou people at every key node," said Rapoport. They think he is the star of the future. And the future may be now. " although the Dezhou people are thought to start Watson, the fact may not be so simple. According to people familiar with the game, Watson was seen limping with an ankle injury in the match. In the case of limited rest, the people of Dezhou may consider Watson's health to be unable to let him out. so Savage could still start in the next game. Of course, Obrien has a history of indecisive quarterback. He replaced Blaine - Malet (Ryan Mallett) with Blaine Heuer (Brian Hoyer) in the second half of the first battle of the season. And in the second half of last season, he used Savage instead of Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler). if Watson returns to health, Obrien should have to make up his mind. Watson showed his potential in the last game. But at the same time, he was unable to lead the team leader to push forward and look like a player still in cultivation. when Dezhou chose Watson in the first round of the first round, it seemed inevitable that he had a starting position at some time of the season. The second week game may be the first starting of his career. If he can't play, then Savage will have the last chance to save his position.

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