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The official website of NFL |2014 season "bleeding door" announced the findings of | football independent investigator Wells Wells (Ted Wells) submitted to the alliance President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) and the new England patriots a report on the game of ball bleeder in last season's Champions League match. The report is now open to the public. the 243 page report, but the following are some of the results of the survey part summarizes Wells: we think Jim - Mcnally (Jim McNally) (the Patriots locker room staff home court judge) and John Just Lemos Ki (John Jastremski) (an assistant equipment in the game with the Patriots) ball after the referee deliberately check after the possibility of the ball they have no possibility of deflation than do it purposely. based on the evidence, but also our point of view, Tom Brady (Tom Brady) (at least approximately patriot quarterback) know that Mcnally and Just Lemos Ki will be the possibility of improper behavior of the ball is greater than the possibility of deflation does not know, the report also said so. reports that the rest of the patriots are unaware of the matter. We believe that the evidence does not prove that the other patriots are involved in or are aware of the rules that violate the rules of the competition or deliberately avoid the rules mentioned in the report. We think the Patriot team owner, Biliqieke coach Bill (Bill Belichick) or other coaches in this incident investigation no wrongdoing or misconduct is known. Godell issued a statement in this report: I want to Ted Wells and his colleagues conducted a thorough and independent investigation appreciate their findings and conclusions are shown in the full report, Godell also said that due to the recent events involving other breach of competition rules, Troy - Vincent (Troy Vincent) (Note: NFL game in charge of operations executive vice president) and his team will consider what measures to take to the conclusion of the report to respond, may have the discipline, and cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the rules of the match to make the necessary changes to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future. At the same time, we will continue our unremitting efforts to protect the fairness of the game and promote fair competition. After the announcement of , Patriot boss Robert Robert also made a statement: during the nearly 4 months' investigation, we have been cooperating with the investigation and waiting for the result of Robert. Disappointment is not enough to express our response to this report which does not include any irrefutable or strong evidence to prove that we deliberately bleed the ball in the Champions League. Tom -The official website of NFL | offensive tackle Battelle became the only player selected draft supplement | Rugby Alliance announced that Isiah Battle, the offensive cutting leader from Clemson University, was selected by the Saint Louis ram in the fifth round of the NFL draft of the NFL. After 's selection of Battelle, the goats will lose the fifth round draft of next year's draft. Seven of the players were qualified to join the draft, and Battelle was the only one to be selected. The remaining six players will be free players. Before Battelle, the most recently selected player in the supplementary draft was Cleveland Brown Josh, the pick up pick of the second round of pick up in 2012. Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon). According to the official website of NFL expert analysis, ram has been a physical quality is good enough for NFL level left Jiefeng player, but Battelle's character will become hidden. At the same time, he is seriously to upgrade their offensive attack. This attack will be for this year's first round pick Todd Gly ran Wei (Todd Gurley) and open circuit protection team new quarterback Nick Fowles (Nick Foles). In the draft two months ago, the goats picked up four attacking players. 's exhibition day before Battelle attracted 25 NFL team representatives to watch. According to NFL official website, Battelle's 40 yard sprint data is 5.21 seconds and 5.29 seconds. The over-the-counter problems have been perplexing him in Battelle's college career. He was banned in 2013 for boxing players at the North Carolina State University, and last year he was banned for violating the team rules. Last month he was exposed to carrying marijuana and driving over speed.The official website of NFL | third AFLC League second round and round | football newspaper forecast two weeks after the end of the first round, AFLC fighting, and the game result is a few happy tears, here we bring with the match reports. north area: Chongqing wharf workers at 6:46, Shanghai warrior as the first AFLC's first runner up, the Chongqing wharf stadium to challenge the Shanghai warriors competition became the focus of this week's battle. More than 1 years ago, Chongqing wharf workers won the first AFLC League title in the hands of the warriors in the case of not being favored. In the regular season of the League last year, the Shanghai warriors had gone away from the dock. In addition, the Shanghai warriors in the first round bye Plaza, Chongqing dock worker home court in the first round of games lost to Chengdu panda state is more worrying, brings great anticipation for the two teams of third games. and the result of the game is to let everyone by surprise, play in the normal play of foreign aid and domestic players warriors super level, longshoremen in Chongqing last year, the semi-final defeat of Shanghai Zhangjiang Sports Center, swallow two game losing streak. was supposed to be a frontal confrontation between strong foreign aid, but it did not unexpectedly turn into a one-sided massacre. Only 16 members of the wharf workers expedition Shanghai, and they have enjoyed their home advantage in many places. The attitude towards the long field is worrying. Shanghai Titan 42:14 Chengdu panda in the last round of the match, Shanghai Titan was defeated at home. This time once again to visit Chengdu (3 months ago, the two teams have been in Chengdu for a friendly), the Titans to victory. The panda and home court battle, in the last round away upset victory over dochers, is to defend their home court. hand in hand second times, because of the strength gap, the panda lost to the visiting Titan at home. Although the score is not surprising, there are many bright spots in the course of the game. The pandas No. 2 QB staged a Baer - style hurdling movement in the competition, which accidentally gave you more expectations of the pandas. and in the competition, the extra action of the Titan's individual players also brings more gunpowder to the match, hoping that they can further restrict the players' additional actions in the future matches and provide a more harmonious field. Shanghai Nighthawk bye. south area: Hongkong 35:6 Guangzhou Apache fighter as the two team Suigang bowl, the Hongkong hawk away Guangzhou apache. Two teams 〉Central |2012 London Olympic Games announced the uniform of official volunteers and technical officials , November 22nd, London, November 22nd sports special telegram (reporter Luo Jun Zhang Wei), the Olympic Organizing Committee of London, 22 announced the official volunteers and technical officials uniforms of the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The design of volunteer uniforms is inspired by British culture and tradition, drawn from British guard uniforms, 1948 London Olympic Games, Wimbledon tennis tournament and so on, and joined some British oddball and modern elements. The uniform is a deep purple tone, with a poppy red collar and cuff. This unique combination of colors makes it easy for volunteers to be identified in the crowd. London Olympic volunteer uniforms unique and collar tailoring, badges design and metal buttons. The sleeve cuff can be turned back to suit the length of different arms. Different color badges to differentiate the responsible for specific work of volunteers. The medical staff will wear white epaulets, the leader wearing red epaulettes, Anti Doping work personnel wearing green badges. London Olympic and Paralympic staff will wear the same uniform, and the logo of the front and back of the uniform coat is detachable. The volunteers will only replace the Olympic and Paralympic logo on their coat, and change t - shirts and hats. Uniformed trousers, shoes and other accessories need not be replaced. London Olympic technical officer uniform is also based on the British tradition, and has joined modern design elements, including carved buttons, embroidered lapel, and London landmark buildings, which engraved with Big Ben and parliament building. volunteer uniforms include coats, polo shirts, trousers, sneakers, socks, hats, bags, kettles and an umbrella. Technical officer uniforms include jacket, trousers, skirt (male) (female), shirts, belts, computer bags, Fedora, tie, scarf (male) (female). , according to the London Olympic Organizing Committee, the uniforms of volunteers and technical officials used environmental protection materials. The polo sweater and outer coat of the volunteers are made of 100% recycled polyester, and the bag and the kettle are 100% recyclable materials. The suit coat and shirt worn by technical officials also contain recycled polyester. The production process of uniform is also aimed at minimizing greenhouse gas and waste emissions. Suppliers and manufacturers must operate according to the environmental standards required by the London Olympic Organizing Committee. at that time, 70 thousand volunteers, 6000 Olympic Organizing Committee members and 4500 technical officials will wear these uniforms to participate in the London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Paul ·, chief executive of the London Olympic Organizing Committee, Dayton, said: "the uniforms we designed show the British tradition in a modern and environmentally friendly way." Although the Olympic work is very hard and requires the uniforms to be functional, we also want the staff to be proud to wear them. Olympic Games 〉

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