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NFL insider media reporter Ian - Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported on Sunday "day" program in two, according to reliable sources, the New Orleans saints tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) because of a shoulder injury will continue for several weeks in the absence of saints holiday weeks, there may be 2 weeks or 3 weeks". and coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) said Graham this week recovery is very good, and said the offseason is timely, after it reported a few weeks will be absent. , in the five match of the season, the attack of the saints is not strong enough. As a top target of Drew Bracey (Drew Brees), a few weeks' injury for the saints is going to be worse. At present, Graham took cheap nfl jerseys free shipping down 34 receptions for 376 yards and 3 touchdowns last season and scored 16 touchdowns. He also had the plantar fascia injured and Bracey was in the red zone can not get. During the saints injury to Graham in order to ensure the integrity of the lineup, this week has signed tight end Tom - Clubb Terry (Tom Crabtree), and Benjamin - Watson (Benjamin Watson) and Josh Hill (Josh Hill) will fill the gap near the front, but the coach Payton can take as much as possible more over the formations to fill in for Graham.The official website of NFL | Mustang fans $30 thousand to watch the Super Bowl football did not inform his wife | What is the key to 's full marriage? Communication?? The recent Denver wild horse fans seem to have forgotten all of this. Justin Kerrigan (Justin Kerrigan) in the bay area to accept the local reporters, he said he spent $30 thousand to complete the Super Bowl match tour, including 4 tickets cost 21000 dollars, the most important thing he did not tell his wife he spent so much money. unfortunately, his deeds were known by the homepage of the wild horse, so the tweet of the wild horse sent his message. Let's hope that he can get flowers when he comes home.The official website of NFL | Hall of fame running back Ferguson, and appeared to help rebuild | football is not good for people in Ferguson, Missouri, for the last 48 hours. has not been charged with the arrest of Darren Wilson, a police officer who shot Michael Brown (Michael Brown). Thousands of angry people began to swim in the middle reaches of the city, and more than 400 people were arrested. NFL Hall of fame, Williams Aeneas Williams also came to this area of riots. But now in Saint Louis, he became a priest and he came to help Ferguson rebuild. He told reporters on Tuesday: there are so many people in need of help, such as some innocent merchant helplessly saw his tearful shops smashed glass, although the weather is very cold, but I and the volunteers do not care, because we can feel the warmth of heart. Williams in the first 10 seasons of his career at Arizona Cardinals occupation force, then the 4 season went to the Saint Louis rams, in August this year, Williams selected the NFL Hall of fame.When a set of shirts is always colored with red and white color, you have to embellish the details on it to highlight its difference. The use of a new generation of Puma technology material, not like the 14/15 season that suit is too tight. With the design of the retro collar and the golden lines, it has successfully fused the retro and the fashion. Around the idea of Arsenal, the slogan "everything comes from the fans" lets you know how much the club pays to the non - abandoned fans. Seeing the enthusiasm of the fans, PUMA tried to make the shirt more perfect.

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